ZINC Bistro a Vins Reservations

246 South 11th St. - Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-351-9901

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  • At ZINC, the bistro menu reflect what you would have found at any given time in Paris in the seventies and what you could find today and even tomorrow. That is because this is the every day and every occasion food of the French. The Cuisine Bourgeoise we are offering is the most loved from every French Gourmet. You could find it in the select arrondissements of Paris such as le Marais (1-4). Enjoy our cuisine and pretend that the "Bobos" are sharing the room with you!

    Our Cuisine Bourgeoise is totally taken from the French repertoire of Classical French Cuisine. Our Duck press ($78) is unique in the country and offers 2 services of a wild duck for two guests. A experience from the 19th century. In the summer we turn this press into a lobster press. A 4-5 lbs Maine lobster served with fresh egg pasta and a creamy brandy sauce with asparagus. The only flavors from the lobster body enhanced the silky cream and that's it! For 4 guests as appetizers or for 2 guests as entree



    For the time being ZINC is only open for dinner, but we can accommodate a 30+ guests event for lunch any day.

    The catering menus are set so the service is enjoyable for your guests. We can customize your request depending on availability and prices.

    The customer will define what format of wine and liquor would be more suitable for the event.

    To rent the entire restaurant* we would ask for one month notice to allow our regulars to make some plans.

    *A deposit of 20% will be required to confirm the party and not refundable if cancelled 14 days or less of the event date.
    **Catering menus $39/45 (food only) and $50/65 (food and wine) plus 20% gratuities and plus PA taxes.