5 Drinks That Will Help You Sleep Better And Lose Weight

Did you know that lack of sleep can promote weight gain? (1) People who sleep enough (between 7 and 8 hours) would indeed have less difficulty losing weight. You certainly also know that regular physical activity and a balanced diet are the keys to quality sleep. And believe it or not, the choice of your drinks can also make a difference. The following 5 drinks will help you fall into the arms of Morpheus while stimulating fat burning overnight. You can enjoy all these beverage while you doing your activities, such as working, reading, relaxing in your home, or playing online gambling casino which is really popular right now. If you looking for slot demo Pragmatic Play no deposit, just go to Katsu5.

  1. MILK

It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or hot, milk is the ideal drink before going to bed! It contains large amounts of tryptophan, an essential amino acid that aids sleep, and calcium that promotes muscle relaxation. Milk is also a great source of protein, and more specifically of casein. This milk protein is absorbed very slowly by the body (unlike whey protein) and will therefore prevent you from losing muscle mass while you sleep. And as you know, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn at rest!


Ginger and lemon boost metabolism. So why not combine them? A good ginger tea with lemon before going to bed will not only boost your metabolism, but also strengthen your immune system! Simply add a few slices of ginger, squeeze a lemon into a liter of hot water and let steep for a good 15 minutes. Is it too bitter? Add some honey to it.


Do you suffer from sleep disorders? It absolutely needs to be fixed. But in a natural way, without drugs! Faced with lack of sleep, your body is more exposed to diseases and the risk of obesity increases too.(2) This is where chamomile tea comes into play with its calming and sedative effects. This herbal tea will increase the level of glycine in the blood, a neurotransmitter that will act on your muscles in a relaxing way and promote deep and restorative sleep. (3)

  1. KEFIR

Kefir is a drink resulting from the fermentation of milk and slightly carbonated. Concentrated in probiotics (aggregate of living micro-organisms), this creamy drink stimulates the immune system by repopulating the intestinal flora, facilitates digestion and transit, but it is also very rich in protein. A glass of kefir in the evening will provide your muscles with all the protein they need overnight. Your sports performance the next day will be affected!


A protein shake with soy milk in the evening is a great idea if you want to lose weight overnight! Soy milk is (like cow’s milk) very rich in tryptophan, and this amino acid will lower the level of cortisol (therefore the level of stress) in the blood, which will therefore relax you. A high level of cortisol is also often linked to fat storage in the abdominal area.(4) But this recipe is also rich in vegetable proteins and therefore ideal for vegans.


In order to lose weight and sleep well, no other method beats regular training and a balanced diet. But if you want to stimulate the process, consider consuming these drinks in the evening on a regular basis. Read other articles in Zinc Bar Philly.

9 Oldest Dishes around The World

The history of the kitchen is fascinating. We discover in particular what our ancestors ate and we are sometimes surprised to learn that certain specialties still exist today in a very similar form, not to say sometimes identical. And it is precisely these well-known dishes, invented a very long time ago, that we are interested in here.

  1. Beer


8000 BC Researchers estimate that humans must have brewed beer 10,000 years ago because all the ingredients were within their reach. And even if his invention was dated 2000 years later. A very nice discovery that we later declined in all the countries of the world.

  1. Nettle pudding

6000 BC. Nettles boiled with barley and water. A recipe that is still appreciated in Great Britain and especially in Wales where nettle is cooked in all sauces.

  1. Popcorn

3600 BC. Popcorn was therefore born before the cinema. Long before. But then, what were people doing while eating it? They were watching the campfire? FYI, popcorn was born in Mexico.

  1. The meat pie


1700 years BC. The oldest references to the meat pie therefore date back to 3700 years ago, in Mesopotamia. And even today, we like to get together around a good pie.

  1. Skewers


The origins of the kebab also, which therefore date back to 1700 BC. Of course, at the time, there were no motorized spits. It was much more basic but the concept was the same. Without the white sauce (by far one of the best kebab sauces).

  1. Stew


900 BC. The cool thing about stew is that you can put all the leftovers in it. Mix it up and see what happens. The stew that has always been particularly popular the day after a cookout.

  1. Testaroli


The ancestor of the pasta, or the noodle, was born among the Etruscans. Hundreds of years later, this specialty will see its popularity decline in favor of spaghetti, macaroni and other orecchiettes.

  1. Baklava


This pastry from the Middle East (but not only) dates back, in a more primitive form, to the 2nd century BC. It was later perfected to reach us in its current and delicious form.

  1. Wild Boar Roast


Between the 4th and 5th century. A classic of Roman gastronomy. It goes to show that wild boar was not only appreciated by die-hard Gauls… The first roast boar recipe is mentioned in L’Art Culinaire, a compilation of Roman recipes published at the end of the 4th century.

Eat better, eat old! And if old stuff isn’t your thing, find our best McDo recipes to redo at home.

9 Light Snacks That Are Perfect for Watching Football

A light snack is one of the mandatory things to provide as a support for watching a football match or while playing online slots game. When watching soccer match requires a little concentration while pressing the spin button using the mouse or thumb. therefore why should it also be supported with snacks, so as not to be too focused so that it makes stress when the results are not good. However, if you play sportsbook at SBOBET, you can watch the match live while enjoying your favorite snacks, it will definitely make you relax a little. You can link Sbobet here, they provide the most complete online slot games and are easy to win even for novice players. Katsu5 also provides lots of promotions for newcomers, loyal players, and also the cheapest deposit promos.

But don’t randomly choose snacks for your gaming time, if you make one it can make your body feel sleepy due to the wrong or too heavy snack content. Well, here are some types of light snacks that are easy to make at home and suitable to accompany watching the match, namely:


Who does not know this one food, its light shape, easy to get and its savory taste makes it suitable as a snack. Besides being used as popcorn, you can make it as boiled or grilled corn.


Whatever type of nuts are available, it is definitely very appropriate to accompany at night when watching football. Yes, from egg nuts, salted peanuts, oven nuts to even boiled peanuts. But when consuming it, it must be controlled, lest the purpose of snacking actually creates a source of disease in the body.


When it comes to chips, there are many types in Indonesia, from cassava chips, cassava, tempeh, bananas, eggplant to bitter melon. All kinds of it can be prepared at home with a very easy recipe. The crunchy, savory and delicious taste makes the fun of watching the ball even more.


Various types of pastries can be made at home with a very easy recipe, not only made during Eid because to accompany watching football is also very suitable. I chose a simple cake with individual tastes, although it can be purchased directly but it would be more delicious if it was made by myself.


French fries are an easy snack option, simple but very suitable to accompany staying up late especially watching football. To make this one snack, you don’t need to bother, it’s even very easy.


Kuaci from sunflower seeds, and nuts, especially pistachios, are a favorite snack for Russian ball fans. They also love hotdogs, but snacking on chickpeas seems even more fun. Kriuk-kriuk while peeling kuaci fun too.

Cinnamon Bun

Bread topped with cinnamon, or bread stuffed with almond sauce, is a favorite snack when watching football in Sweden. The obligatory drink is coffee, hot or cold.

If you prefer something savory, hotdogs are a favorite, but without a lot of added mayonnaise.

Cassava Chips or Fried Cassava

Yep! If you are a fan of Neymar and his friends, a snack of cassava chips, or fried cassava that is cut into thin slices, can create an atmosphere like on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian food is influenced by African, Japanese and Portuguese cuisine; seen from other snacks, fried bread wrapped in breadcrumbs, with contents ranging from vegetables to minced chicken.

A sweet snack that can make you stay up more focused is fried donut balls wrapped in powdered sugar.


If you’re looking for a Croatian ball snack, nuts or seeds are their favourite. You can replace kikiriki or nuts with unsweetened almonds (expensive), or roasted or boiled peanuts and roasted peanuts (cheap).

The sweet version that you can choose is an adaptation of paprenjaci aka Croatian pastries that have a black pepper flavor. This sweet cookie made from honey and hazelnuts is topped with black pepper flavour. You can take honey cookies, and sprinkle with black pepper (literacy guaranteed!).

Above are 9 choices of snacks that are highly recommended to accompany you when you stay up late watching football. Actually there are many types of snacks out there, but I still can’t choose arbitrarily. Because if it is wrong, it will definitely cause problems for the health of the family, especially when consuming it at night which is very vulnerable to causing problems in the body.

These 5 Foods Break The World’s Most Expensive Record

There are so many kinds of food in the world. One of them is food that is sold at very expensive prices. If we are examine why the price of some foods can be expensive, it actually depends on various factors.

Food is sold at very high prices, perhaps because it is difficult to obtain, the location or origin of the food, its delicious taste, the price of the ingredients to make it, or the labor that makes the food make the price soar.

Quintessential grilled cheese.

The sandwich, made by Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York, sells for USD 214. Guinness World Records recorded this food as the most expensive sandwich in the world.

Having been on sale for seven years, this sandwich is made using exclusive ingredients such as edible gold. In fact, you have to order two days in advance to enjoy this food.


A restaurant in the Netherlands called De Daltons creates a premium burger whose price makes you shake your head. Made from luxurious ingredients such as wagyu beef, Beluga caviar, king crab, and truffles, the burger, called The Golden Boy, costs up to USD 6,000

This price makes this one burger the most expensive in the Guinness World Records record. The previous record for the most expensive burger was held by an Oregon restaurant, which made a $5,000 burger weighing 353 kilograms in 2011.

Golden French Fries

Recently Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York re-created luxury food. The fried potato menu they made got the most expensive record from the Guinness World Records.

Reporting from wionews.com, the potatoes served with a golden sprinkling topping are named Creme de la Creme Pomme Frites. Using the additional gold, these french fries are sold for USD 200.

Swallow’s nest soup

In several restaurants in China and Chinatown in New York, there is a menu of swallow’s nest soup which is famous for being expensive. One of the Chinese restaurants in New York, namely Oriental Garden New York, provides swallow’s nest soup at fantastic prices.

Reporting from therichest.com, the price can be more than USD 3,000, you know. For the price itself, it can be very expensive because swallow nests are very difficult to obtain. This food is also listed in the Guinness World Records record as the most expensive you know.

White pearl albino caviar

White pearl albino caviar comes from white sturgeon fish. This fish very rarely lays eggs, which makes this food so rare and the price is very expensive.

This food-producing fish is only found in the waters of the Caspian and Black Seas, which lie between Southeastern Europe and Asia. The price can reach USD 9,100 per kilogram.

Surprised with the price? Well, if we think realistically, all the food above is really hard to get. There are few professions that would ensure you taste all the food mentioned above, for example, food bloggers that review various tasty foods. Or maybe some online gambling champions, that have tons of money so you can spend with ease for each food.

I bet online gambling champions would a better option, wouldn’t it? Since winning some money from situs judi bola resmi is without a doubt easy and fast, take a look at one of the Indonesian best gambling sites, Yukbola. Go get the money and taste the food all you like!

3 Most Popular Traditional Australian Coffee

Each country has a different way of serving coffee, including Australia, which has a variety of techniques for making coffee.

when it rains with cold weather, it is certainly more delicious if accompanied by a cup of drink that can warm the body. A warm cup of coffee can be the perfect companion. If you really want to try a different cup of delicious coffee, you can follow the typical Australian coffee presentation. Formulated with various techniques and ways of serving coffee, it produces a unique taste in each drink. Here are some Australian-style coffee blends that you can try to warm up your body during the rainy season!

Flat White

Flat White is the most popular coffee in Australia. However, there is a long debate about where Flat White coffee comes from, whether it comes from Australia or from New Zealand. Both countries have strong arguments about where Flat White coffee comes from.

Many people say that Flat White tastes similar to Caffe Latte. That’s because these drinks are both made from a mixture of steamed milk and Espresso. Though both are very different, judging from the size of the glass and foam. In Australia Flat White is usually served in a 180 ml glass that has a thin foam of about cm. Unlike the Caffe Latte which is usually served in a 200 ml glass and has a thicker foam of 1 cm.


Generally, Caffe Latte drinks are made from a mixture of Espresso and milk. However, in Australia there is a unique Caffe Latte drink, unlike the others, called Broccolatte. Starting from an experiment by Australian scientists who added broccoli powder to Caffe Latte, this drink was called Broccolatte.

Initially, the research conducted by Australian scientists was aimed at finding solutions for Australians who are lacking in daily nutritional needs, so Broccolatte was created as an alternative. Broccolatte was first tested at the Commonfolk cafe, Melbourne. Although initially doubtful, it turns out this drink managed to steal the attention of Australians. Now bracelet is one of the must-order coffees for Australians.

Ice Maple Latte

Australia is famous for its diverse culinary specialties. Not to mention the typical Australian iced coffee that you should try, namely the Ice Maple Latte. The combination of coffee and maple syrup plus vanilla ice cream on top, is guaranteed to spoil the taste of coffee lovers.

Not only can it pamper your tongue, it turns out that maple syrup, especially organic ones, has a sugar content that is better for your health. If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of Ice Latte without worrying about consuming excess sugar, you also can use this maple syrup as an alternative sweetener for those of you who want to reduce sugar for the body.

The three coffee variants have been loved by Australians for a long time, they also consider the three coffees to be traditional Australian coffees. Many coffee lovers say that the taste of the three coffees is almost similar to the taste of coffee in Asia.

5 Elite Restaurants with Exclusive Menus in Europe

Food is one of the biggest attractions besides the natural beauty of a country. Starting from local cuisine, seafood to modern food with the best ingredients is one of the reasons tourists visit. Food enthusiasts will surely hunt for the best and delicious culinary in various parts of the world.

One of them is a country on the blue continent which is known to have a variety of unique and delicious culinary delights. Even though European countries don’t have the same strong flavors and spices as in Asia, there are some Michelin starred restaurants that will still attract attention with their exclusive dishes. The following are 5 elite restaurants with exclusive and luxurious cuisine in Europe.

Epicure – Le Bristol Paris, Prancis

This Epicure restaurant has been awarded as the best restaurant in the world by Daily Meal, US Saveur magazine and the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2014. The restaurant is led by three Michelin star chef, Eric Frechon who serves a variety of French specialties. Such as macaroni stuffed with black truffles, artichokes (a type of flower that can be eaten before the flowers bloom) and duck foie gras (goose liver) and gratineed with parmesan cheese.

Le 1947 – Cheval Blanc, Perancis

Restaurant Le 1947 is located in the heart of the French Alps with modern dishes and local terroir. The main chef, Chef Yannick Alleno, serves modern and luxurious cuisine. Where every season this restaurant has signature dishes using the best quality ingredients.

Anne Sophie Pic – Beau Rivage Palace, Lusanne, Swiss

Anne Sophie Pic presents a fine dining atmosphere with views of Lake Geneva and another branch in the French Alps. It is led by chef Anne Sophie who is the third generation in her family to earn a Michelin star. She is also the only female chef in France to hold three Michelin stars.

Apart from the chef, this restaurant has also been awarded two Michelin stars and is rated 18/20 by the Gault Milau (French restaurant guide). This restaurant serves local Swiss dishes with the finest ingredients resulting in precise taste and texture and a balance of flavours.

Armani / Ristorante – Armani Hotel Milano, Milan, Italia

Armani Restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the Armani Hotel Milano which adopts an international style with a location overlooking the magnificent streets of downtown Milan. Most of the restaurant’s presentation of dishes reflects Italian gastronomy combined with an international touch. The philosophy of this restaurant is that every dish uses the best selected ingredients to provide the best taste.

William Restaurant – Belmond Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal

William’s restaurant is located on a private part of Madeira’s south coast with panoramic views of the Funchal coastline. The restaurant is led by Chef Luis Pestana who is the first and only Madeira-born chef to earn a Michelin star.

This restaurant serves a variety of modern European food using the best quality ingredients. The restaurant’s main dishes are Scallop Carpaccio Langoustines and lobster ravioli made from the finest Madeira ingredients.

so these are the 5 most elits and expensive restaurants, what do you think?

5 Bangkok Foods You Must Taste

If you already have the intention to visit Thailand, Bangkok later this year, it doesn’t hurt to choose cheap, comfortable and safe lodging and airline tickets for a vacation to Bangkok.

It’s true, to be able to fly to Bangkok requires a fairly expensive cost compared to other Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, but about the cost of being able to visit tourist attractions, and explore culinary tours there, it’s quite affordable or even almost everything, cheap!

The majority of people in Thailand really like snacks, so this is where the creation of Bangkok food and snacks that are very tempting and are well known throughout the world, including Indonesia.

If you’re sure to visit Bangkok, don’t forget to taste these 5 Bangkok specialties that are a shame a miss.

Tom Yam Kung

Of course, this Thai food is the most famous and familiar to your ears. Tom Yam Kung, which has a characteristic spicy and sour soup, which contains noodles with fresh prawns added, is always a favorite for tourists visiting Thailand.

Not only that, in Indonesia this food is also a favorite in various restaurants that serve Thai food menus.

Kao Na Phet

This roasted duck is one of the Thai specialties that is no less famous than Tom Yam. The appearance is very beautiful, it will be a little different from the roast duck that you often encounter in Indonesia. In Indonesia, duck is more dominantly served with fresh vegetables, unlike Thailand, which serves it with duck or egg soup.

Pad Thai

Maybe at first glance if you look, this food looks like fried kwetiau in general. It turns out that this Pad Thai is indeed made from ingredients that resemble kwetiau, namely Pad See Ew then fried and mixed with a few pieces of green vegetables and then doused with oyster sauce which makes the taste even more delicious and appetizing.

You can also serve this dish by mixing nuts, chicken pieces or egg mixture. Pad Thai is very delicious when served hot and you can find it in every corner of Bangkok.

Green Curry

Foods that have green sauce are commonly called Kaeng Khaio Wan or Green Curry. This very savory and delicious food turns out to be made from green chilies. Just look at the green sauce, the appearance alone has aroused our appetite to want to eat it immediately.

Despite the name curry, this dish doesn’t taste like the typical curry you’ve ever encountered. This green curry sauce, which is a bit runny, turns out to be one of the traditional foods as well as a culinary tour that is most sought after by tourists.

In general, this delicious Green Curry is served with fish, meat, fish balls and complete with vegetables that you can find in every bowl.

Khao Niew Ma Muang

If earlier, we had tasted delicious and savory food. Now is the time for us to enjoy a very famous dessert, not only in Bangkok, Khao Niew Ma Muang or what we usually call Sticky Rice Mango is also famous in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Made from fresh mango and sticky rice doused with sweet coconut cream on top, this dessert tastes very delicious and is perfect for accompanying you.

You can find the taste of very fresh mangoes in every corner of Bangkok during the mango season. From fancy restaurants to street food, you can find everything very easily, and everything tastes delicious!

Learn Table Manner, Here Are 3 Basic Things You Need To Know

Table manner is one of the supporting abilities in the career and professional world. Come now, know more about eating rules through this one article! When you hear the term table manner, what comes to your mind? For some people, these eating rules are often considered complicated and inconvenient. In fact, this habit really needs to be applied, especially when you are meeting with colleagues, or when you are in a fancy casino to play some with some friends.

However, knowledge and mastery of table manners certainly cannot be ignored. When entering the world of work or professionals, for example. You will often be invited to various formal dinners and are required to be able to apply good eating etiquette. It’s not just at the restaurant, when you visit Casino, you also need to have some manner. Especially when the Casino also have sports book betting, where you can bet your favorite football team like Liverpool or Chelsea. You can try to visit for your first time betting, the site is using SBOBET platform.

Table manners themselves act as universal rules that apply in all countries. Therefore, even though you are still in college, you need to understand at least some of the basic rules of proper eating habits.

1. Use of Tableware in Table Manner

In a formal dinner, there are various tableware provided with specific functions. Therefore, you need to know the type of cutlery available so you are not mistaken and confused when you have to use it. First, the use of spoons and forks.

Both of these tools must be used when eating menus, such as rice and vegetables. Also pay attention to the type of spoon you want to use because rice and soup spoons certainly have different sizes. Second, the use of knives and forks when eating meat dishes and the like.


The way you need to practice is quite easy, namely holding the fork in your left hand and the knife in your right hand. In addition, the use of napkins is also common in formal banquets. However, you don’t need to be confused! Spread the napkin on your lap before starting to eat. After that, just use the corner of the napkin to wipe your lips and fingers after you finish eating.

2. Understand the types of food available

In table manner, there are unwritten rules regarding the order of eating a dish, from appetizer, main course, to dessert. Therefore, make sure you know each of the menus of this dish, so you don’t make a mistake when eating it.

For example, for an appetizer there are usually two types of food, namely a hot appetizer and a cold appetizer. The form can be in the form of soup and salad. While the main course, the menu served can be in the form of steak, seafood, vegetables, potatoes, and other heavy dishes.

Finally, as a dessert, you can enjoy cold food or drinks, such as ice cream, juices, cakes, and puddings. So, don’t let the order be reversed, okay!

3. Gestures in Table Manner

Gestures and manners are important aspects that you must pay attention to in table manners. This includes a variety of elements, from sitting position to eating.

Let’s take a look at the following points!

  • When sitting on a chair, make sure your body is in an upright position, not bent over, and not leaning against the chair
  • Pay attention to the position of the hands while eating. Make sure you don’t open your arms too wide as it will take up a lot of space. Also avoid putting your elbows on the table.
  • Chew food with your mouth closed and do not taste or make a sound when chewing food
  • Don’t talk when your mouth is still filled with food
  • When finished eating, put the utensils, such as spoons, forks, and knives upside down and form the letter X
  • Say “excuse me” when you have to leave the dining table, such as when going to the toilet or picking up the phone. Those are some basic knowledge about table manners that you need to know and learn from now on.

Although it’s still not needed, but there’s no harm in mastering proper eating procedures, right?.

Playing Online Gambling at This Restaurant Will Increase Your Luck

Restaurants and hotels are things that are difficult for us to separate, hotels and casinos are also things that we cannot separate. Then how about the restaurant, hotel, and casino become one? In the gambling industrial area, things like this are not uncommon for us to meet. Very often, if you don’t want to say almost hotels, restaurants, and casinos become one in a building complex that an agency or company owns. So we can assume that the existence of hotels and restaurants is something that we cannot separate if it is in a tourist or resort area. But it is different with the gambling industrial area, hotels, restaurants and casinos are often one and cannot be separated. For this reason, the 3 entities between hotels, restaurants and casinos are often referred to as the 3 holy trinity of visitors to the gambling industrial area.

Lucky Restaurant to Play Online Gambling

In some cases, several restaurants in the gambling industrial area have their own charm apart from hotels and casinos. There are some stories that say that in certain restaurants that also have big casinos and hotels, your gambling luck increases at the casino where the restaurant is located. Surprisingly this luck does not only apply to casual gambling, but also applies to online gambling like in situs judi slot online the best betting platform in Indonesia. From there you can try your best luck to win the most admirable jackpot and get your ticket to fly around cities like Las Vegas and Macau. These places known for their fortunes are often full of diners eager to try their luck at online gambling. Because often the casinos that are in the same place as these restaurants are also full of visitors. So visitors who want to play gambling can use the devices they bring to play online gambling.

Fortune Restaurant in Macau and Las Vegas

The most famous gambling industrial areas in the whole world are probably Macau and Las Vegas. These two areas are very dense with casinos, hotels, restaurants, and various accommodations for tourists as well as gambling players such as gift shops. Some of the restaurants, apart from being famous for their service and food, are also known as lucky restaurants. As I have written above, fortune restaurants are restaurants that people believe bring luck to their offline and online gambling. But in some cases the restaurant is just a restaurant without a hotel and casino. An independent restaurant without a hotel and casino usually doubles as a souvenir and gift shop for tourists as well as gambling players.


Fortune restaurants that don’t have casinos are usually very full of visitors who want to play online gambling there. Because the restaurant does not have a casino, visitors play online gambling which is practical with the devices they carry.


List of Lucky Restaurants

After I did some research by visiting Las Vegas in person 2 weeks ago, I can conclude that the rumors of a lucky restaurant in Las Vegas are true. On the first day, I tried to visit the fortune restaurant where my hotel is located, it hit the jackpot. I won big playing online gambling at the restaurant. The next day I visited an independent restaurant without a hotel or casino, it turned out that the rumors were also true. I even won bigger than before because of the winstreak bonus. I’ve tried various games and the results are the same. From poker to online blackjack, I’ve had big wins. My win rate is 1 win per 2 games, incredible.

My friend who visited gettradr.com was the same, the rumors are true. There is also such a thing as a lucky restaurant in Macau restaurants. Since I don’t want to linger, here is a list of lucky restaurants my friends and I visited in Macau and Las Vegas:



Apomac is shaped like a large-scale canteen, this restaurant visits many tourists, both gamblers and non-gamblers. Here is one of the most famous fortune restaurants in Macau. But don’t forget that restaurants are also places to eat. The menu available also has many variations such as grilled chicken, fried chicken, roast duck, meat soup, and many other variants.

Bistro d’Indochine

This restaurant is one of the most luxurious restaurants you can find in Macau. This restaurant is famous for its soft and comfortable interior for you to look at. Because of this it is one of the busiest lucky restaurants. All because the interior and atmosphere are very comfortable and make you feel at home for long sitting and playing online gambling.

Las Vegas:

Bardot Brasserie

This restaurant has the appearance of a typical family restaurant if you look from the outside. But the inside will surprise you. The interior has a typical medieval interior and the food is in the form of traditional foods from Western and Eastern Europe.

Other Mama

If any lucky restaurant is at its most crowded, this is the place to be. This restaurant serves a lot of food and soft drinks to accompany you to play. There are also some heavy meals available.

7 Best Halal Restaurants in Europe

Even though it is inhabited by a majority of non-Muslim residents, this does not mean that there are no restaurants serving halal food in Europe. In fact, some halal restaurants in Europe are among the best restaurants in the world! Here are 7 of the best halal restaurants in Europe according to Skyscanner!

  1. Shahi Dera, Vienna, Austria

Located at 10 Garnisongasse, Wien, Vienna, this Indian / Pakistani restaurant offers a special buffet menu with a unique paying concept, namely “Pay as You Wish”. Here you can eat as much as you want and pay as much as you want too. You decide for yourself how much the food is worth to you. If you don’t want to follow this concept, you can order based on the available menu cards.

  1. Hasır Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany

Initially, the restaurant which is located at 10 Maaßenstraße, Berlinini started its business with a small barbecue restaurant in Kreuzberg in 1984. Currently, this restaurant with the name “Hasir” is already available in six locations. The name Hasir, which also means ‘carpet straw’, stands for the rural origin of the owner. The six restaurants serving delicious Turkish food are managed by one large family.

  1. Wrap It Up !, London, England

Wrap It Up! is a restaurant franchise that is pretty much located in the center of London and one of them is located at 166 Bishopsgate. This restaurant provides fresh and authentic food that is cooked and prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Some of his specialties are Caribbean Roti, Mexican Burritos / Fajita / Clubs, Indian Tandoori Tikka, Lebanese Falafel, Jamaican Jerk, Turkish Shish Taouk, Greek Three Beans and Portugese Peri Peri.

  1. Fly Pizza Kabab, Milan, Italy

Located at 27 Via Bergamo, this restaurant serving American and Italian food types is one of dozens of restaurants serving halal food in the city of Milan. In this restaurant you can taste kebabs, Italian pizza, french fries, and many more. You will have no trouble finding this restaurant as it is located near Piazzale Libia or right in front of a tram stop on the Via Cadore Via Bergamo line.

  1. Maximum Steakhouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A restaurant located in the center of Amsterdam, precisely at 27-29 Max Euweplein, guarantees that the food (American steak) they serve is 100% halal. This restaurant is a very suitable place for your romantic dinner with your partner or just relaxing with friends. This restaurant is quite large because it can accommodate up to 100 guests.

  1. Borneo à Paris, France

This restaurant that serves French cuisine is known as a halal restaurant that is very friendly for children and people with disabilities. The restaurant guarantees that all menus are halal and they do not serve alcoholic drinks. This is an Indonesian restaurant located in Paris, France. The owner himself is originally an Indonesian people that reside in France for many years, and usually, when the weekend has come, this restaurant also opens a group reservation for a football match event. One of the loyal customers is Yukbola, one of the Asian biggest betting companies that have a huge community across the world. Providing many betting options, such as sportsbook, online casino, and many more.

  1. El Mar-Amor, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This restaurant which serves Spanish specialties in the form of tapas and seafood is owned by a Muslim. El Mar-Amor restaurant is located at 4 Carrer de la Jonquera, Barcelona. Its location near the beach will make the atmosphere of eating seafood even more delicious. In addition, easy transportation access and the availability of a free Wi-Fi network can be the main dining choice for those of you who want to eat while surfing in cyberspace