5 Bangkok Foods You Must Taste

If you already have the intention to visit Thailand, Bangkok later this year, it doesn’t hurt to choose cheap, comfortable and safe lodging and airline tickets for a vacation to Bangkok.

It’s true, to be able to fly to Bangkok requires a fairly expensive cost compared to other Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, but about the cost of being able to visit tourist attractions, and explore culinary tours there, it’s quite affordable or even almost everything, cheap!

The majority of people in Thailand really like snacks, so this is where the creation of Bangkok food and snacks that are very tempting and are well known throughout the world, including Indonesia.

If you’re sure to visit Bangkok, don’t forget to taste these 5 Bangkok specialties that are a shame a miss.

Tom Yam Kung

Of course, this Thai food is the most famous and familiar to your ears. Tom Yam Kung, which has a characteristic spicy and sour soup, which contains noodles with fresh prawns added, is always a favorite for tourists visiting Thailand.

Not only that, in Indonesia this food is also a favorite in various restaurants that serve Thai food menus.

Kao Na Phet

This roasted duck is one of the Thai specialties that is no less famous than Tom Yam. The appearance is very beautiful, it will be a little different from the roast duck that you often encounter in Indonesia. In Indonesia, duck is more dominantly served with fresh vegetables, unlike Thailand, which serves it with duck or egg soup.

Pad Thai

Maybe at first glance if you look, this food looks like fried kwetiau in general. It turns out that this Pad Thai is indeed made from ingredients that resemble kwetiau, namely Pad See Ew then fried and mixed with a few pieces of green vegetables and then doused with oyster sauce which makes the taste even more delicious and appetizing.

You can also serve this dish by mixing nuts, chicken pieces or egg mixture. Pad Thai is very delicious when served hot and you can find it in every corner of Bangkok.

Green Curry

Foods that have green sauce are commonly called Kaeng Khaio Wan or Green Curry. This very savory and delicious food turns out to be made from green chilies. Just look at the green sauce, the appearance alone has aroused our appetite to want to eat it immediately.

Despite the name curry, this dish doesn’t taste like the typical curry you’ve ever encountered. This green curry sauce, which is a bit runny, turns out to be one of the traditional foods as well as a culinary tour that is most sought after by tourists.

In general, this delicious Green Curry is served with fish, meat, fish balls and complete with vegetables that you can find in every bowl.

Khao Niew Ma Muang

If earlier, we had tasted delicious and savory food. Now is the time for us to enjoy a very famous dessert, not only in Bangkok, Khao Niew Ma Muang or what we usually call Sticky Rice Mango is also famous in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Made from fresh mango and sticky rice doused with sweet coconut cream on top, this dessert tastes very delicious and is perfect for accompanying you.

You can find the taste of very fresh mangoes in every corner of Bangkok during the mango season. From fancy restaurants to street food, you can find everything very easily, and everything tastes delicious!