5 Elite Restaurants with Exclusive Menus in Europe

Food is one of the biggest attractions besides the natural beauty of a country. Starting from local cuisine, seafood to modern food with the best ingredients is one of the reasons tourists visit. Food enthusiasts will surely hunt for the best and delicious culinary in various parts of the world.

One of them is a country on the blue continent which is known to have a variety of unique and delicious culinary delights. Even though European countries don’t have the same strong flavors and spices as in Asia, there are some Michelin starred restaurants that will still attract attention with their exclusive dishes. The following are 5 elite restaurants with exclusive and luxurious cuisine in Europe.

Epicure – Le Bristol Paris, Prancis

This Epicure restaurant has been awarded as the best restaurant in the world by Daily Meal, US Saveur magazine and the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2014. The restaurant is led by three Michelin star chef, Eric Frechon who serves a variety of French specialties. Such as macaroni stuffed with black truffles, artichokes (a type of flower that can be eaten before the flowers bloom) and duck foie gras (goose liver) and gratineed with parmesan cheese.

Le 1947 – Cheval Blanc, Perancis

Restaurant Le 1947 is located in the heart of the French Alps with modern dishes and local terroir. The main chef, Chef Yannick Alleno, serves modern and luxurious cuisine. Where every season this restaurant has signature dishes using the best quality ingredients.

Anne Sophie Pic – Beau Rivage Palace, Lusanne, Swiss

Anne Sophie Pic presents a fine dining atmosphere with views of Lake Geneva and another branch in the French Alps. It is led by chef Anne Sophie who is the third generation in her family to earn a Michelin star. She is also the only female chef in France to hold three Michelin stars.

Apart from the chef, this restaurant has also been awarded two Michelin stars and is rated 18/20 by the Gault Milau (French restaurant guide). This restaurant serves local Swiss dishes with the finest ingredients resulting in precise taste and texture and a balance of flavours.

Armani / Ristorante – Armani Hotel Milano, Milan, Italia

Armani Restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the Armani Hotel Milano which adopts an international style with a location overlooking the magnificent streets of downtown Milan. Most of the restaurant’s presentation of dishes reflects Italian gastronomy combined with an international touch. The philosophy of this restaurant is that every dish uses the best selected ingredients to provide the best taste.

William Restaurant – Belmond Reid’s Palace, Madeira, Portugal

William’s restaurant is located on a private part of Madeira’s south coast with panoramic views of the Funchal coastline. The restaurant is led by Chef Luis Pestana who is the first and only Madeira-born chef to earn a Michelin star.

This restaurant serves a variety of modern European food using the best quality ingredients. The restaurant’s main dishes are Scallop Carpaccio Langoustines and lobster ravioli made from the finest Madeira ingredients.

so these are the 5 most elits and expensive restaurants, what do you think?