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3 Most Popular Traditional Australian Coffee

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Each country has a different way of serving coffee, including Australia, which has a variety of techniques for making coffee.

when it rains with cold weather, it is certainly more delicious if accompanied by a cup of drink that can warm the body. A warm cup of coffee can be the perfect companion. If you really want to try a different cup of delicious coffee, you can follow the typical Australian coffee presentation. Formulated with various techniques and ways of serving coffee, it produces a unique taste in each drink. Here are some Australian-style coffee blends that you can try to warm up your body during the rainy season!

Flat White

Flat White is the most popular coffee in Australia. However, there is a long debate about where Flat White coffee comes from, whether it comes from Australia or from New Zealand. Both countries have strong arguments about where Flat White coffee comes from.

Many people say that Flat White tastes similar to Caffe Latte. That’s because these drinks are both made from a mixture of steamed milk and Espresso. Though both are very different, judging from the size of the glass and foam. In Australia Flat White is usually served in a 180 ml glass that has a thin foam of about cm. Unlike the Caffe Latte which is usually served in a 200 ml glass and has a thicker foam of 1 cm.


Generally, Caffe Latte drinks are made from a mixture of Espresso and milk. However, in Australia there is a unique Caffe Latte drink, unlike the others, called Broccolatte. Starting from an experiment by Australian scientists who added broccoli powder to Caffe Latte, this drink was called Broccolatte.

Initially, the research conducted by Australian scientists was aimed at finding solutions for Australians who are lacking in daily nutritional needs, so Broccolatte was created as an alternative. Broccolatte was first tested at the Commonfolk cafe, Melbourne. Although initially doubtful, it turns out this drink managed to steal the attention of Australians. Now bracelet is one of the must-order coffees for Australians.

Ice Maple Latte

Australia is famous for its diverse culinary specialties. Not to mention the typical Australian iced coffee that you should try, namely the Ice Maple Latte. The combination of coffee and maple syrup plus vanilla ice cream on top, is guaranteed to spoil the taste of coffee lovers.

Not only can it pamper your tongue, it turns out that maple syrup, especially organic ones, has a sugar content that is better for your health. If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of Ice Latte without worrying about consuming excess sugar, you also can use this maple syrup as an alternative sweetener for those of you who want to reduce sugar for the body.

The three coffee variants have been loved by Australians for a long time, they also consider the three coffees to be traditional Australian coffees. Many coffee lovers say that the taste of the three coffees is almost similar to the taste of coffee in Asia.