7 Best Halal Restaurants in Europe

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Even though it is inhabited by a majority of non-Muslim residents, this does not mean that there are no restaurants serving halal food in Europe. In fact, some halal restaurants in Europe are among the best restaurants in the world! Here are 7 of the best halal restaurants in Europe according to Skyscanner!

  1. Shahi Dera, Vienna, Austria

Located at 10 Garnisongasse, Wien, Vienna, this Indian / Pakistani restaurant offers a special buffet menu with a unique paying concept, namely “Pay as You Wish”. Here you can eat as much as you want and pay as much as you want too. You decide for yourself how much the food is worth to you. If you don’t want to follow this concept, you can order based on the available menu cards.

  1. Hasır Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany

Initially, the restaurant which is located at 10 Maaßenstraße, Berlinini started its business with a small barbecue restaurant in Kreuzberg in 1984. Currently, this restaurant with the name “Hasir” is already available in six locations. The name Hasir, which also means ‘carpet straw’, stands for the rural origin of the owner. The six restaurants serving delicious Turkish food are managed by one large family.

  1. Wrap It Up !, London, England

Wrap It Up! is a restaurant franchise that is pretty much located in the center of London and one of them is located at 166 Bishopsgate. This restaurant provides fresh and authentic food that is cooked and prepared using only the freshest and finest ingredients. Some of his specialties are Caribbean Roti, Mexican Burritos / Fajita / Clubs, Indian Tandoori Tikka, Lebanese Falafel, Jamaican Jerk, Turkish Shish Taouk, Greek Three Beans and Portugese Peri Peri.

  1. Fly Pizza Kabab, Milan, Italy

Located at 27 Via Bergamo, this restaurant serving American and Italian food types is one of dozens of restaurants serving halal food in the city of Milan. In this restaurant you can taste kebabs, Italian pizza, french fries, and many more. You will have no trouble finding this restaurant as it is located near Piazzale Libia or right in front of a tram stop on the Via Cadore Via Bergamo line.

  1. Maximum Steakhouse, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A restaurant located in the center of Amsterdam, precisely at 27-29 Max Euweplein, guarantees that the food (American steak) they serve is 100% halal. This restaurant is a very suitable place for your romantic dinner with your partner or just relaxing with friends. This restaurant is quite large because it can accommodate up to 100 guests.

  1. Borneo à Paris, France

This restaurant that serves French cuisine is known as a halal restaurant that is very friendly for children and people with disabilities. The restaurant guarantees that all menus are halal and they do not serve alcoholic drinks. This is an Indonesian restaurant located in Paris, France. The owner himself is originally an Indonesian people that reside in France for many years, and usually, when the weekend has come, this restaurant also opens a group reservation for a football match event. One of the loyal customers is Yukbola, one of the Asian biggest betting companies that have a huge community across the world. Providing many betting options, such as sportsbook, online casino, and many more.

  1. El Mar-Amor, Barcelona, ​​Spain

This restaurant which serves Spanish specialties in the form of tapas and seafood is owned by a Muslim. El Mar-Amor restaurant is located at 4 Carrer de la Jonquera, Barcelona. Its location near the beach will make the atmosphere of eating seafood even more delicious. In addition, easy transportation access and the availability of a free Wi-Fi network can be the main dining choice for those of you who want to eat while surfing in cyberspace