9 Light Snacks That Are Perfect for Watching Football

A light snack is one of the mandatory things to provide as a support for watching a football match or while playing online slots game. When watching soccer match requires a little concentration while pressing the spin button using the mouse or thumb. therefore why should it also be supported with snacks, so as not to be too focused so that it makes stress when the results are not good. However, if you play sportsbook at SBOBET, you can watch the match live while enjoying your favorite snacks, it will definitely make you relax a little. You can link Sbobet here, they provide the most complete online slot games and are easy to win even for novice players. Katsu5 also provides lots of promotions for newcomers, loyal players, and also the cheapest deposit promos.

But don’t randomly choose snacks for your gaming time, if you make one it can make your body feel sleepy due to the wrong or too heavy snack content. Well, here are some types of light snacks that are easy to make at home and suitable to accompany watching the match, namely:


Who does not know this one food, its light shape, easy to get and its savory taste makes it suitable as a snack. Besides being used as popcorn, you can make it as boiled or grilled corn.


Whatever type of nuts are available, it is definitely very appropriate to accompany at night when watching football. Yes, from egg nuts, salted peanuts, oven nuts to even boiled peanuts. But when consuming it, it must be controlled, lest the purpose of snacking actually creates a source of disease in the body.


When it comes to chips, there are many types in Indonesia, from cassava chips, cassava, tempeh, bananas, eggplant to bitter melon. All kinds of it can be prepared at home with a very easy recipe. The crunchy, savory and delicious taste makes the fun of watching the ball even more.


Various types of pastries can be made at home with a very easy recipe, not only made during Eid because to accompany watching football is also very suitable. I chose a simple cake with individual tastes, although it can be purchased directly but it would be more delicious if it was made by myself.


French fries are an easy snack option, simple but very suitable to accompany staying up late especially watching football. To make this one snack, you don’t need to bother, it’s even very easy.


Kuaci from sunflower seeds, and nuts, especially pistachios, are a favorite snack for Russian ball fans. They also love hotdogs, but snacking on chickpeas seems even more fun. Kriuk-kriuk while peeling kuaci fun too.

Cinnamon Bun

Bread topped with cinnamon, or bread stuffed with almond sauce, is a favorite snack when watching football in Sweden. The obligatory drink is coffee, hot or cold.

If you prefer something savory, hotdogs are a favorite, but without a lot of added mayonnaise.

Cassava Chips or Fried Cassava

Yep! If you are a fan of Neymar and his friends, a snack of cassava chips, or fried cassava that is cut into thin slices, can create an atmosphere like on the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian food is influenced by African, Japanese and Portuguese cuisine; seen from other snacks, fried bread wrapped in breadcrumbs, with contents ranging from vegetables to minced chicken.

A sweet snack that can make you stay up more focused is fried donut balls wrapped in powdered sugar.


If you’re looking for a Croatian ball snack, nuts or seeds are their favourite. You can replace kikiriki or nuts with unsweetened almonds (expensive), or roasted or boiled peanuts and roasted peanuts (cheap).

The sweet version that you can choose is an adaptation of paprenjaci aka Croatian pastries that have a black pepper flavor. This sweet cookie made from honey and hazelnuts is topped with black pepper flavour. You can take honey cookies, and sprinkle with black pepper (literacy guaranteed!).

Above are 9 choices of snacks that are highly recommended to accompany you when you stay up late watching football. Actually there are many types of snacks out there, but I still can’t choose arbitrarily. Because if it is wrong, it will definitely cause problems for the health of the family, especially when consuming it at night which is very vulnerable to causing problems in the body.

Learn Table Manner, Here Are 3 Basic Things You Need To Know

Table manner is one of the supporting abilities in the career and professional world. Come now, know more about eating rules through this one article! When you hear the term table manner, what comes to your mind? For some people, these eating rules are often considered complicated and inconvenient. In fact, this habit really needs to be applied, especially when you are meeting with colleagues, or when you are in a fancy casino to play some with some friends.

However, knowledge and mastery of table manners certainly cannot be ignored. When entering the world of work or professionals, for example. You will often be invited to various formal dinners and are required to be able to apply good eating etiquette. It’s not just at the restaurant, when you visit Casino, you also need to have some manner. Especially when the Casino also have sports book betting, where you can bet your favorite football team like Liverpool or Chelsea. You can try to visit for your first time betting, the site is using SBOBET platform.

Table manners themselves act as universal rules that apply in all countries. Therefore, even though you are still in college, you need to understand at least some of the basic rules of proper eating habits.

1. Use of Tableware in Table Manner

In a formal dinner, there are various tableware provided with specific functions. Therefore, you need to know the type of cutlery available so you are not mistaken and confused when you have to use it. First, the use of spoons and forks.

Both of these tools must be used when eating menus, such as rice and vegetables. Also pay attention to the type of spoon you want to use because rice and soup spoons certainly have different sizes. Second, the use of knives and forks when eating meat dishes and the like.


The way you need to practice is quite easy, namely holding the fork in your left hand and the knife in your right hand. In addition, the use of napkins is also common in formal banquets. However, you don’t need to be confused! Spread the napkin on your lap before starting to eat. After that, just use the corner of the napkin to wipe your lips and fingers after you finish eating.

2. Understand the types of food available

In table manner, there are unwritten rules regarding the order of eating a dish, from appetizer, main course, to dessert. Therefore, make sure you know each of the menus of this dish, so you don’t make a mistake when eating it.

For example, for an appetizer there are usually two types of food, namely a hot appetizer and a cold appetizer. The form can be in the form of soup and salad. While the main course, the menu served can be in the form of steak, seafood, vegetables, potatoes, and other heavy dishes.

Finally, as a dessert, you can enjoy cold food or drinks, such as ice cream, juices, cakes, and puddings. So, don’t let the order be reversed, okay!

3. Gestures in Table Manner

Gestures and manners are important aspects that you must pay attention to in table manners. This includes a variety of elements, from sitting position to eating.

Let’s take a look at the following points!

  • When sitting on a chair, make sure your body is in an upright position, not bent over, and not leaning against the chair
  • Pay attention to the position of the hands while eating. Make sure you don’t open your arms too wide as it will take up a lot of space. Also avoid putting your elbows on the table.
  • Chew food with your mouth closed and do not taste or make a sound when chewing food
  • Don’t talk when your mouth is still filled with food
  • When finished eating, put the utensils, such as spoons, forks, and knives upside down and form the letter X
  • Say “excuse me” when you have to leave the dining table, such as when going to the toilet or picking up the phone. Those are some basic knowledge about table manners that you need to know and learn from now on.

Although it’s still not needed, but there’s no harm in mastering proper eating procedures, right?.