3 Most Popular Traditional Australian Coffee

Each country has a different way of serving coffee, including Australia, which has a variety of techniques for making coffee.

when it rains with cold weather, it is certainly more delicious if accompanied by a cup of drink that can warm the body. A warm cup of coffee can be the perfect companion. If you really want to try a different cup of delicious coffee, you can follow the typical Australian coffee presentation. Formulated with various techniques and ways of serving coffee, it produces a unique taste in each drink. Here are some Australian-style coffee blends that you can try to warm up your body during the rainy season!

Flat White

Flat White is the most popular coffee in Australia. However, there is a long debate about where Flat White coffee comes from, whether it comes from Australia or from New Zealand. Both countries have strong arguments about where Flat White coffee comes from.

Many people say that Flat White tastes similar to Caffe Latte. That’s because these drinks are both made from a mixture of steamed milk and Espresso. Though both are very different, judging from the size of the glass and foam. In Australia Flat White is usually served in a 180 ml glass that has a thin foam of about cm. Unlike the Caffe Latte which is usually served in a 200 ml glass and has a thicker foam of 1 cm.


Generally, Caffe Latte drinks are made from a mixture of Espresso and milk. However, in Australia there is a unique Caffe Latte drink, unlike the others, called Broccolatte. Starting from an experiment by Australian scientists who added broccoli powder to Caffe Latte, this drink was called Broccolatte.

Initially, the research conducted by Australian scientists was aimed at finding solutions for Australians who are lacking in daily nutritional needs, so Broccolatte was created as an alternative. Broccolatte was first tested at the Commonfolk cafe, Melbourne. Although initially doubtful, it turns out this drink managed to steal the attention of Australians. Now bracelet is one of the must-order coffees for Australians.

Ice Maple Latte

Australia is famous for its diverse culinary specialties. Not to mention the typical Australian iced coffee that you should try, namely the Ice Maple Latte. The combination of coffee and maple syrup plus vanilla ice cream on top, is guaranteed to spoil the taste of coffee lovers.

Not only can it pamper your tongue, it turns out that maple syrup, especially organic ones, has a sugar content that is better for your health. If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of Ice Latte without worrying about consuming excess sugar, you also can use this maple syrup as an alternative sweetener for those of you who want to reduce sugar for the body.

The three coffee variants have been loved by Australians for a long time, they also consider the three coffees to be traditional Australian coffees. Many coffee lovers say that the taste of the three coffees is almost similar to the taste of coffee in Asia.

5 Bangkok Foods You Must Taste

If you already have the intention to visit Thailand, Bangkok later this year, it doesn’t hurt to choose cheap, comfortable and safe lodging and airline tickets for a vacation to Bangkok.

It’s true, to be able to fly to Bangkok requires a fairly expensive cost compared to other Asian countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, but about the cost of being able to visit tourist attractions, and explore culinary tours there, it’s quite affordable or even almost everything, cheap!

The majority of people in Thailand really like snacks, so this is where the creation of Bangkok food and snacks that are very tempting and are well known throughout the world, including Indonesia.

If you’re sure to visit Bangkok, don’t forget to taste these 5 Bangkok specialties that are a shame a miss.

Tom Yam Kung

Of course, this Thai food is the most famous and familiar to your ears. Tom Yam Kung, which has a characteristic spicy and sour soup, which contains noodles with fresh prawns added, is always a favorite for tourists visiting Thailand.

Not only that, in Indonesia this food is also a favorite in various restaurants that serve Thai food menus.

Kao Na Phet

This roasted duck is one of the Thai specialties that is no less famous than Tom Yam. The appearance is very beautiful, it will be a little different from the roast duck that you often encounter in Indonesia. In Indonesia, duck is more dominantly served with fresh vegetables, unlike Thailand, which serves it with duck or egg soup.

Pad Thai

Maybe at first glance if you look, this food looks like fried kwetiau in general. It turns out that this Pad Thai is indeed made from ingredients that resemble kwetiau, namely Pad See Ew then fried and mixed with a few pieces of green vegetables and then doused with oyster sauce which makes the taste even more delicious and appetizing.

You can also serve this dish by mixing nuts, chicken pieces or egg mixture. Pad Thai is very delicious when served hot and you can find it in every corner of Bangkok.

Green Curry

Foods that have green sauce are commonly called Kaeng Khaio Wan or Green Curry. This very savory and delicious food turns out to be made from green chilies. Just look at the green sauce, the appearance alone has aroused our appetite to want to eat it immediately.

Despite the name curry, this dish doesn’t taste like the typical curry you’ve ever encountered. This green curry sauce, which is a bit runny, turns out to be one of the traditional foods as well as a culinary tour that is most sought after by tourists.

In general, this delicious Green Curry is served with fish, meat, fish balls and complete with vegetables that you can find in every bowl.

Khao Niew Ma Muang

If earlier, we had tasted delicious and savory food. Now is the time for us to enjoy a very famous dessert, not only in Bangkok, Khao Niew Ma Muang or what we usually call Sticky Rice Mango is also famous in various parts of the world, including Indonesia.

Made from fresh mango and sticky rice doused with sweet coconut cream on top, this dessert tastes very delicious and is perfect for accompanying you.

You can find the taste of very fresh mangoes in every corner of Bangkok during the mango season. From fancy restaurants to street food, you can find everything very easily, and everything tastes delicious!

Top 10 Most Delicious Spanish Specialties

Spain is indeed famous for its delicious and popular culinary delights. usually, food from Spain is very much sought after by local people or tourists; ten typical Spanish foods are most sought after by tourists

  1. Typical Spanish Espanola Tortilla


This one food can be said to be almost like pizza; this food has a delicious and delicious taste. This type of food is called the Espanola tortilla, which means potato. The main ingredients for making Espanolla tortillas are potatoes and eggs.

In processing, this Spanish food into Espanola tortilla food, namely potatoes washed clean, is pounded and cooked together. This food has a very delicious taste.

  1. Churros Con Chocolate

Usually this food we have started to meet in several cafes. This food comes from Spain, which has a delicious taste and is suitable for a sweet menu while relaxing.

Churros Con Chocolate is made from bread flour, which is then processed into cake dough, which will later be chopped using a long shape and fried. Then on top, decorated with sugar, cinnamon powder, and chocolate. In order for the chocolate taste to have a good taste, in making the chocolate sauce, you can add a little liquid milk, sugar, and cornstarch solution.

  1. Paella


One of the foods from Spain is called paella. In Indonesia, you can say it is seafood fried rice. In Spain, it is paella; at first glance, it is similar but actually different because the spices used to make paella have more side dishes, the basic ingredients of rice which are then cooked with other spices. Usually, paella is also served with some shrimp on top.

  1. Cream Catallina

The fourth Spanish food is cream catallina. This one food is so famous that it makes tourists addicted to trying it again. Usually, cream catalina is served as a dessert. This type of food is like creme brulle, so when visiting Spain this food is a must-try.

  1. Empanadas


Empanadas are one of the snacks from Spain. This food is also a favorite food of many people, and this typical Spanish food is also almost with croquettes.

Empanadas themselves are made from several mashed portions of beef and mixed with a few slices of potato and spices, then fried until cooked. Many people also enjoy this snack, because of its good taste and easy to grab while playing online gambling by judi poker online that quite famous in Spain because of their wonderful gameplay and easy winning so that becomes a side job in Spain.

  1. Pan Con Tomate

Pan Con Tomate, this Spanish food is the favorite food most sought after by tourists and local people. This type of food is food with a simple dish, and everyone can possibly make it.

The ingredients in the making pan con tomato are bread, tomatoes, and then baked in the oven. The taste is delicious, and the tomatoes’ smell in the food makes pan con tomate very delicious.

  1. Fabada Asturiana

Fabada Asturiana

Fabada Asturiana is also a popular food and typical food from Spain, and this food is also the same as pan con tomate, which can be easily made at home. This food is served by combining several sausages—beans and chorizo ​​in one.

This food has many types of variations that can be added to this typical food from Spain, starting from different ingredients, tastes, and appearances that can attract tourists to buy and taste it. Besides, this food is also made for vegans who want to enjoy it.

  1. Tigers

Tigers may be reminiscent of a tiger, although the name of this food almost sounds the same as tiger, it does not use tiger meat in making this food. This food is a seafood dish that has been mashed and added several other selected spices.

Tigers are cooked by roasting at the same time using Parmesan cheese because it can add flavor to this food.

  1. Patatas Bravas

Patatas Bravas

This food is known to be very tasty and delicious, one of which is patatas baravas; this food is almost similar to french fries, but what distinguishes between the two foods is that when cutting potatoes, the potatoes here are cut into a quarter and seasoned with spicy sauce and mayonnaise.

  1. Pulpo a la Gallega

At first glance, the name does look odd and strange, and maybe it is difficult when people pronounce it, but this food is no less delicious than other Spanish food. Pulpo a la gallega food has the basic ingredients, namely octopus. Maybe all regions, one of which is Asia, is quite fond of seafood, especially octopus.

This type of food from Spain is indeed very easy to cook, and this octopus arguably doesn’t smell fishy when cooked. The way to cook pulpo a la gallega food is initially sprinkled with olive oil and a little sprinkling of salt and chili powder to add a delicious taste when served; this can be a recommended food for tourists who want to visit Spain.

5 Interesting Facts About Pasta

Pasta is a favorite food that is not only favored by Italians but also people around the world.

Pasta has various types, ranging from spaghetti, fetucini, macaroni, and so forth. Because the taste of this delicious pasta makes so many people like this  food, so many restaurants have already sold pasta menus that you can find in everywhere around the world.

For you fans of pasta, you need to know unique facts about pasta that you might not know about. Curious as to what interesting facts? Let’s check it out!

China first consumed pasta compared to Italy


Although pasta is a famous food in Italy, but actually pasta was already consumed by the Chinese before the Italians. China became the first country to consume pasta since 2,000 BC. While the Italians have only eaten pasta since 400 BC.

Pasta in ancient times made by Stepping with Foot


Did you know the pasta you know today was made in an unusual way? Before the pasta maker was invented, this food was made by stepping on it because the pasta dough is hard and very difficult to stir by hand. To make pasta dough by stepping on it takes about one full day.

You will not find spaghetti bolognese in Italy

spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese is one of the very famous pasta menus throughout the world. But did you know that you will not find a spaghetti bolognese menu in Italy? Spaghetti bolognese is so foreign to Italian society. They claim that spaghetti bolognese is not an authentic Italian menu. A menu similar to spaghetti bolognese in Italy is better known as “doubt alla bolognese” which is a traditional food of the people of Bologna, Italy.

People used to think that spaghetti came from trees


This is a fairly unique fact about pasta. Many ancient people thought that pasta came from trees. This happened on April 1, 1957. At that time the BBC aired a documentary about a spaghetti plantation in Switzerland. The spaghetti is really in the tree. The film is actually an April Fool’s joke. However, since the documentary was aired, many people began to look for spaghetti trees.

There is a world pasta day


As a pasta lover, did you know that there is a world pasta day? Yes, the world pasta day is celebrated every October 25 and has been celebrated since 1995. Indeed, this famous food in Italy besides having good taste also has interesting facts to discuss. For those of you who have never tried pasta, try this menu now.

The History of Oktoberfest and Why Germans Were Going Crazy With Beer

Every end of September to the beginning of October, the words “I will go to Wiesn” will often to be heard from the mouth of the German people. That words can be heard anywhere, in Berlin, in Frankfurt, in Koeln, or other cities. The meaning of the words turned out to be the same: the speaker wanted to come to Oktoberfest to have fun.

“Wiesn” means Theresienwiese, a place in Munich, Germany. Then, what is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is the largest annual beer festival in the world that is held at Theresienwiese. This festival usually lasts for 16 days, from the end of September to the beginning of October, and is visited by an average of around six million people from all corners of the world.

Characteristics of the festival: most visitors wear Trachts (traditional Bavarian outfits), abundant food, amusement rides, folk music offerings, spilled beers, and the opening by Mayor of Munich. And the beer party case, the signs can even be seen since the beginning of the festival.

So, how did this festival begin?

Starting from a wedding

The first Oktoberfest took place on October 12, 1810, exactly 209 years ago. Before becoming a beer party, Oktoberfest was originally a celebration of a marriage feast between the Crown Prince of Bavaria , King Ludwig I, and Princess Theresa of Sachsen Hildburghausen.

At that time, to establish unity in Munich, Ludwig I deliberately invited all residents to participate in his party, which was held at the city gate, that would later be known as Theresienwiese. The wedding party that lasted for six days turned out to be a people’s party: food was spilled, many parades were held, and horse racing was the main attraction.

The party was arguably a huge success. Every day the people of Munich always come in droves to the party, and on the final day, there are around 10,000 people watching horse racing events. So city officials then have an exciting idea: they want a similar people’s party held every year in the same place with a different concept.

Ludwig I agreed with that idea. He, who admired the history of ancient Greece, then wanted to conceptualize the party like an Olympic event. But after Oktoberfest continued, Ludwig’s concept changed direction. The reason: the Ferris wheel, the carousel, and the circus are certainly more fun than horse racing, tree climbing competitions, and geese chasing competitions. Besides, Munchen people also prefer to drink beer to celebrate a party or by gambling and playing cards like in the Las Vegas had.

The party is a celebration party to welcome the new season of brewing. Taking place in October, at the party, the residents of Munchen will spend their Marzen beer stock, a variant of lager beer, which they have. It is said that they believe that Marzen, which has a high alcohol content, can help them to get through the brewing season easily.

Knowing that, after the Olympic concept failed, Ludwig I tried to limit beer in every Oktoberfest celebration. In 1844, for example, he dealt with how to raise beer prices in Munich. However, the planned increase in beer prices turned out to immediately get strong opposition from residents of Munich. The reason is Munchen people like to live without many things, but can’t live without beer.

Since then, the Oktoberfest has become increasingly synonymous with beer festivals. And in the title of Oktoberfest 1896, officially beer tents began to take part in the event.

5 Traditional Spanish Special Foods Besides Churro You Must Taste!

Every country in the world has its traditional dishes.

Of course, for a traveler who has the opportunity to taste typical food from the country he visited, you could say the traveler must be very lucky.

This time the Zinc Bar will discuss classic and traditional culinary delights from one country on the European Continent, namely Spain. Spain has a culinary variety and is mostly made from nuts and acorns. Also, the typical food of the State of Matador is influenced by a variety of seafood.

In Spain, also known as a culture of eating a variety of typical Spanish snacks called Tapas, the Spanish do tapas while spending time joking and chatting with friends. In tapas culture, there are also a variety of food ingredients, ranging from fish, bread, beans, vegetables, beef, and chicken.

Here are five traditional Spanish specialties you should know besides Churro, and we guarantee you will be tempted and addicted.

Tortilla Española

In a way, Tortilla Española is a typical Spanish omelet. Other names for this food are tortilla de papas or tortilla de patatas. The main ingredients for cooking tortilla española are eggs and potatoes, and sometimes you can also add onion or garlic. This dish is usually eaten as an appetizer.


Albondigas is one of a variety of dishes at tapas. Also, albondigas is a kind of processed minced beef that is shaped like a meatball sphere.

Pulpo A La Gallega

Pulpo A La Gallega is a typical Spanish food made from an octopus. Octopus body parts that have been sliced, then boiled and given a spice of salt and paprika, and given a little olive oil. Usually, pulpo a la gallega is served with bread or boiled potatoes.

Fabada Asturiana

Fabada asturiana is a kind of soup that combines all the best seasonings, from beans, sausages, and chorizo. So famous in Spain, to the point that there are fabada versions of cans that are sold throughout the country. Usually, fabada asturiana is served hot at lunch.


Tigres is a typical Spanish cuisine made from seafood, namely mussels. As well as being a popular dish at tapas. Tigres is stuffed clams, which are minced meat and mixed with shallots, pepper, tomato sauce and fried to be used as filling that is returned to the skin or shell.