Exciting Facts About Churro, Spanish Typical Delicious Cakes

Churro or churros is a kind of snack that comes from the country’s matador, Spain.

This cake has a main ingredient, which is flour and is shaped in such a way that it is elongated.

This light and crispy pastry are indeed quite popular in mainland Europe, although its presence is also quite familiar to Asian people. Behind the delicacy, have you learned the unique facts about the churro?

For those of you who are curious about interesting facts about churro that can make you even more smitten with this crispy pastry, let’s see the following facts!

Churro History

It turns out that churro has two quite different versions of history. One version says that the churro was discovered by a shepherd from Spain who lived nomadically who made churro to replace fresh bread. While the second version says that churro comes from China and has the name you Tiao, but with a salty taste and is known by us as Cakwe.

Known as a breakfast menu for several people

If we consider churro is a kind of light pastry that is usually eaten for ordinary snacks, then it is different from western people who think churro as a menu for breakfast. Of course, this is considered reasonable considering the churro has a mild form and is not a heavy meal to eat as a breakfast menu.

The innovation of taste from churro

Churro is the same as other popular foods, and if you combine it, the taste will be more interesting. Previously only known as sweet after being fried, now churro has a variety of attractive toppings that are more colorful with extraordinary taste. Read also 5 Traditional Spanish Special Foods Besides Churro You Must Taste!

The shape is not only elongated

We certainly already know that churros have a general, elongated shape that looks like a jagged sheep’s horn. At this time, there are various types of a churro with a much more pleasing way. Call it a shape like a spiral, heart, even shaped letters which are undoubtedly fun to look at.

Close relatives of donuts

The last interesting fact you might have to know is that churros are close relatives of donuts. Maybe this is considered unique considering we don’t see similar characteristics between donuts and churro when viewed from the outside, but this is precisely the fact because churro has a crispy texture outside and soft inside.