These 5 Foods Break The World’s Most Expensive Record

There are so many kinds of food in the world. One of them is food that is sold at very expensive prices. If we are examine why the price of some foods can be expensive, it actually depends on various factors.

Food is sold at very high prices, perhaps because it is difficult to obtain, the location or origin of the food, its delicious taste, the price of the ingredients to make it, or the labor that makes the food make the price soar.

Quintessential grilled cheese.

The sandwich, made by Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York, sells for USD 214. Guinness World Records recorded this food as the most expensive sandwich in the world.

Having been on sale for seven years, this sandwich is made using exclusive ingredients such as edible gold. In fact, you have to order two days in advance to enjoy this food.


A restaurant in the Netherlands called De Daltons creates a premium burger whose price makes you shake your head. Made from luxurious ingredients such as wagyu beef, Beluga caviar, king crab, and truffles, the burger, called The Golden Boy, costs up to USD 6,000

This price makes this one burger the most expensive in the Guinness World Records record. The previous record for the most expensive burger was held by an Oregon restaurant, which made a $5,000 burger weighing 353 kilograms in 2011.

Golden French Fries

Recently Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York re-created luxury food. The fried potato menu they made got the most expensive record from the Guinness World Records.

Reporting from, the potatoes served with a golden sprinkling topping are named Creme de la Creme Pomme Frites. Using the additional gold, these french fries are sold for USD 200.

Swallow’s nest soup

In several restaurants in China and Chinatown in New York, there is a menu of swallow’s nest soup which is famous for being expensive. One of the Chinese restaurants in New York, namely Oriental Garden New York, provides swallow’s nest soup at fantastic prices.

Reporting from, the price can be more than USD 3,000, you know. For the price itself, it can be very expensive because swallow nests are very difficult to obtain. This food is also listed in the Guinness World Records record as the most expensive you know.

White pearl albino caviar

White pearl albino caviar comes from white sturgeon fish. This fish very rarely lays eggs, which makes this food so rare and the price is very expensive.

This food-producing fish is only found in the waters of the Caspian and Black Seas, which lie between Southeastern Europe and Asia. The price can reach USD 9,100 per kilogram.

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